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With Courageous and Responsible Efforts

27 September 2015
In his address to the U.S. Congress and to our nation, Pope Francis invited us to pray for him, and to pray together.
On behalf of the Quaker faith communities in the six New England states, we offer our prayers for the healing of the world. We join our voice with all who strive to meet our sacred obligations to the planet we share.
Francis reminds us that all creatures are connected, that each must be cherished with love and respect. We are dependent on one another. It is through our relationships with each living being that we make real our love for God and for Creation. Francis challenges us to accept the urgency of the crisis created by human-caused climate disruption, recognizing it as a central challenge of our time. This work cannot be left to the future. Responding to the climate crisis requires of us a serious and clear-eyed recognition of the severity of our impact on the planet and the devastating effects already being experienced, especially by the most vulnerable. Our actions today determine the world our children will inherit. We welcome Francis’ message and his conviction that acting together we can still make a difference.
It is the testimony of Quakers that we are divinely required to respond with courageous and responsible efforts to avert the most serious effects of environmental deterioration caused by human activity. At our best, we seek the deep healing of the world.  As a faith community, Francis’ words confront us with the question, “Are we prepared to bear the burden of this truth?”
We know there is a place for us in this work. We are called to act in hope, with persistence, courage and charity.
We witness Francis’ visit with gratitude for his faithful engagement with the people of the United States, both as a nation and personally. We pray that all people will hear and heed the important challenge this servant of God has brought to our country. We call on faith communities and people of faith to take up this burden as together we find the way forward.
Fritz Weiss, Presiding Clerk
Noah Baker Merrill, Yearly Meeting Secretary
New England Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
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NEYM Sessions 2015 Talking Points

11203516_737092698810_8644600713419450462_o (1)

Image by Kristina Keefe-Perry


More than 600 Friends attended NEYM Sessions. 58 of those were first-time attenders, and 120 of them were youth. Together we came to unity on:

Legacy Gift Committee:   The New England Yearly Meeting Future Fund and the NEYM Released Ministry Fund are now named and established. Application guidelines will soon be posted online. The first application deadline will be December 1, 2015 with disbursements to begin in February 2016.

Public Statements:  Hearing a hunger for Quaker public witness, Sessions approved a mechanism for the Yearly Meeting Clerk and Secretary to issue statements and take actions that align with Friends testimony and minutes. Monthly and Quarterly Meetings will be notified when any such statements are made, and meetings are encouraged to develop their own means to speak in a timely way.

Long-Term Financial Planning Committee:Sessions approved the core organizational purpose and priorities recommended by the Committee. The Committee begins its implementation phase.  See “We Need a Plan” for detailed information and for important background. LTFPC will now begin its implementation phase.

Archives:  Sessions approved moving the NEYM archives to a permanent home at the W.E.B. Dubois Library at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Structural Review Committee:  The Committee recommended increasing support for local meetings, providing more opportunities for Friends to gather and connect for worship and fellowship, and streamlining and making more accessible our committee structure and work. Permanent Board will carry forward this work.

Student Loan Committee:   After careful discernment, the committee has been laid down, its work now done. A sub-committee of Permanent Board will distribute remaining funds as grants.

Budget:   Sessions approved the fiscal year 2016 budget, projecting a reduced deficit over last year

Friends Camp:  Director Nat Shed reports that this summer’s campers were the most racially integrated in Friends Camp history.

Images of Covenant Community, a large- format picture display, is available to lend to monthly meetings. Contact Beth Collea, sends e-mail).

Details/recordings/minutes will be posted at

Are you or someone you know spiritually called to help heal and repair the world? If so, check out Pendle Hill’s five-month long, online/on-campus program Answering the Call to Radical Faithfulness, which focuses on deepening our skills in spiritual practice, grassroots organizing, and nonviolent action. This innovative new interfaith program includes four training residencies at Pendle Hill Hill, weekly readings and online learning activities, and fieldwork projects in each participant’s community. The program runs from October through February.

For More Information

Visit our website at or contact PFM meeting member Steve Chase, who is the program director, at or 610-566-4507,x 123. Some scholarship funds are still available.

Radical Faithfulness Program Participant Testimonial

“As a woman from the Deep South and an Episcopal priest, I have spent much of my professional life addressing issues of justice. However, after the non-indictment of those who killed Eric Garner, it was like a light switch went off deep inside of me. I had to act. I have done lots of leadership and mediation training work, but none focused on justice-based groups. I recognized the need for resources to help me know how to keep investing in the work that I so passionately cared about for the long run and connect the dots more intentionally between my faith and my activism. What I have discovered in the Radical Faithfulness program is a community that will be part of my life forever. Pendle Hill feels to me like stepping through the veil into one of this world’s thin places. The faculty is simply outstanding, giving space, calling forth new insights, drawing things out of me I did not know were there. The community of learners is richly diverse. In our meetings, we crossed over from polite early relationships to deeply demanding, powerfully real engagement. I can’t wait to see what will unfold next.”

Steve Chase
Director of Education
Pendle Hill
338 Plush Mill Road
Wallingford, PA 19086-6023
(610) 566-4507, ext. 123

4 Oct. 2015

Friends World Committee for Consultation…

. . . invites every Quaker meeting and church from around the world to celebrate WORLD QUAKER DAY (WQD) on October 4, 2015. As the sun rises in each area of the world, we want to remember that Quakers are worshiping through every time zone, celebrating our deep connections across cultures and Quaker traditions. We are united in love and can accompany each other on this special day that draws us together. As we worship, let us hold each other in prayer and thanksgiving, and let our hymns of praise resound across the world.

The theme of the Plenary is Living the transformation: Creation waits with eager longing for the revealing of the children of God (Romans 8:19). More information can be found on the World Office website.

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A FINAL SERVICE Preparation for Death, On Living and Dying

Photo by Roger Vincent Jasaitis,, Copyright 2004


Preparation for Death

On Living and Dying, Putney Friends Meeting

Putney Friends Meeting created this pamphlet in 2010 to assist members in their preparation for death in the manner of Friends. Since that time many requests have been made to make this useful tool available to a wider audience. Here is a link to a PDF file of this pamphlet. Click on the Following link to open a new window displaying the text.

PFM A Final Service

This link will now be available at any time in the right hand column under Books & Pamphlets.

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Saturday Sept 26  9 to 5  &

 Sunday Sept 27 9:30 to 10:20

 Theme:  Exploring our Gifts

 Place:   Meetinghouse

Come to whatever parts appeal to you. Childcare provided 10-12:30 and 1:30-4:00

Saturday, September 26 

9 a.m.  Muffins, tea, coffee, and OJ

9:30     All ages celebration of our new Peace Pole  – outside parking lot

with Francie Marbury and Brent Seabrook

10 a.m.  Exploring Our Gifts

All ages presentation by Laurie Rizzo Medved  using Godly Play

materials and an opportunity to draw/collage/write afterwards and sharing

our responses with all ages. Bring your own journal  if you  have one.

Writing and art supplies provided.

11:15     Choose one of these two activities

  •    Worship Sharing in the Meeting Room – getting to know better some

of the folks you worship with – led by Elisabeth Dearborn


  •     Making pizza for lunch with Gail Haines and Ann Coakley

12:30     Lunch starting with gathering songs led by Julie Forsythe

1:30     Clean Up

2:00     Choose one of these two activities

  •      Deep Relaxation with John Calvi in the meetingroom. Bring your

own yoga mat if you have one, blanket, pillow as needed


  •      Hiking to Putney Mountain led by  ???

4:00    Lemonade and Cookies

4:30- 5:00  Intergenerational Games led by Richard Brady and Gail Haines.

Get to know your community of Friends in new ways!

5:00    Closing Song(s)  led by Francie Marbury

Sunday, September 27 

9:30 to 10:20  Noah Merrill will be offering some reflections on exploring

our gifts.  All are welcome!  Let us know if you need childcare because

you plan to attend this.


Be in touch with Gail Haines or Elisabeth Dearborn with questions

Bring your Rise Up Singing book if you have one. 

Note: Childcare is  available  Saturday 10-12:30 and 1:30-4:00

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NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty Annual Gathering

Good morning Northwest Quarter folks,unnamed-2
Some of you may be interested in attending this event.  You may recall that Northwest Quarter is a member of the NH Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty as is the New England Yearly Meeting.  The Yearly Meeting joined the Coalition after a request was brought to session jointly by Northwest and Dover Quarters a few years ago.
Also please remember to register for Quarter if you know you are planning to attend and please consider attending if you have not yet decided.
Connie Kincaid-Brown,
Outgoing Presiding clerk, Northwest Quarter
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All Community Gathering at PFM


 Each year we end the summer with a gathering to ensure that each committee is ready to begin the new year.  We celebrate the gifts we receive from participation in the committee work of the Meeting.  Friends who may be interested in joining committees can also learn more about our committees and opportunities for participating.

Putney Friends Meeting House,

Friday August 28th at 6:00pm

We will start with a potluck so bring something to share.

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Sheila Walking the Walk!

How is Sheila doing on her walk?F34EF4B7-FD5E-432F-BD31-A09EB4871F63

Click on the link in the right hand column under

PFM Member Links to see Sheila’s walk day by day!

Or go to her new page HERE.

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Sheila Walks the Walk


Saturday, 8 August, 2015

Blessings and love to all my dear Putney MM f/Friends.  I hold you all in my heart with deep, wide gratitude!   After a wonder-full six days at Yearly Meeting sessions, I have spent two days with my new beloved F/friend Anne Moore of Northampton Friends Meeting.  Today I will attend the weekly Peace Vigil here and take the train to Hartford. Tomorrow, Wanny McDonald and I will walk the first two days together, staying the first night in New Britain and the second in Middletown. I’ve already lined up two lakes to swim!

Special message to my support team – I have sent my boots to my son who will have them for me when we meet up in Maine for Thanksgiving.  I will wear sandals and walking shoes and my beloved Darn Tough socks!

I have made many contacts and continue to do so with the help of lots and lots of folks.  Thanks so much for all yours, inc. contacts and prayers.  If you think of anyone else you know, esp. in VA and SC please let me know.  And if you are led, hold a special prayer for if I am meant to be either in Philly or DC when the Pope is there.  I am asking that logistic query right now.

I will be holding you all in my prayers, too.  I have my prayer flag in a special pocket and I take it out each day. And, yes, I did get my Travel Minute.

Love, Sheila

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