Putney Mutual Aid

Dear Putney Mutual Aid Survey Participants,

With your feedback in hand, a group of Putney neighbors has coordinated a Putney Mutual Aid toolkit for the community to use in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Here’s what it includes:

  1. Putney Mutual Aid Resource Page: Putney/Vermont-specific resources, information and links – a living document
  2. Putney Mutual Aid Needs & Offerings Sheet: a shared online document, enabling neighbors with needs and offers to connect
  3. Putney Mutual Aid Confidential Needs Survey: a survey that allows you to communicate your need confidentially rather than enter into spreadsheet directly

SAFETY: To reduce transmission of COVID-19 the State of VT has asked us to stay at home and keep social distance of 6 feet. If we go out of the house, we are asked to maintain distance, avoid going into anyone’s home, and wash our hands before and after. Volunteers are being asked to follow Vermont Public Safety instructions to keep everyone safe and healthy.  https://vem.vermont.gov/neighborly

Please familiarize yourself with the links above and feel free to share this letter with your Putney network. If you would prefer not to use the Sheet, be assured that the information you shared on the original Putney Area Mutual Aid Survey is completely confidential, and is being handled as follows:

If you communicated an offer to help
You may have already heard from someone on the Mutual Aid team to match you to a neighbor’s need or to connect you with a community organization. We invite you to add your information directly to the Putney Mutual Aid Needs & Offerings Sheet. We are happy to do this for you, just reply to this email and let us know. We will not transfer your data to the Google Sheet unless expressly instructed by you.

If you communicated a need
You can expect to hear from a community organization or individual in the next few days, if you haven’t already. You are welcome to post any new needs on the Putney Mutual Aid Google Sheet, or submit your need on the Putney Mutual Aid Confidential Needs Survey and someone from Putney Mutual Aid will assist in matching you to a neighbor volunteer.

This toolkit isn’t perfect, but we think it’s a solid start. It’s been pulled together by a few neighbors juggling kids, jobs and cabin fever. Expect messiness at times, especially at first. The bottom line is, we’re a strong community made up of people who show up for one another. We will get through this together.
Be well and stay safe,

The Putney Mutual Aid Leadership Team
Kathleen Duich, Ruby McAdoo and Sarah Armour-Jones

P.S. We will post the toolkit and communications to the public about Putney Mutual Aid to our facebook page — please follow us!

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