QuakerSpeak to visit Putney Friends Meeting

Dear Friends,iur
On Sunday August 7th, Jon Watts, Director of the popular QuakerSpeak video series, will be worshipping at Putney Meeting for the 10:30worship.
Following the rise of meeting, Jon would like to invite anyone who is interested to join him for another brief period of worship, during which he will be filming Friends in worship for use in the upcoming series of QuakerSpeak.
New England Yearly Meeting and QuakerSpeak are partnering on Season Three of the video series, and are producing several videos featuring the life and ministry of Friends in New England. This filming of Friends in worship in Putney’s beautiful meetinghouse are intended to help provide context and background to the videos.
To clarify, there will be no filming in the regularly-scheduled meeting for worship, but only in the special brief time, attended only by those who are comfortable being filmed in worship.
Learn more about QuakerSpeak at quakerspeak.com

Words and Music

Two local artists are joining forces with words and music for a poetry reading with violin interludes on June 18thSaturday at 1 pm. Violin

Gudrun Weeks, violinist and Lynn Martin, poet, will be reading in Marlboro at 355 Upper Dover Road in the barn of Edie Mas (second place on the left after leaving Higley Hill). Visitors are asked to bring a folding chair if they can or a cushion to sit on the floor.

Gudrun says, “We two met in the West Brattleboro Quaker Worship Group. We had fun together reading Lynn’s poetry and seeing what idea that set off in me for my choice of music and Lynn’s reaction to that. There is no close connection between the two, just enjoying the partnership. We asked a third Quaker, Edie Mas, to host the happening in her barn up in Marlboro. It feels like a supportive, complimentary relationship.”

Gudrun was formerly a Marlboro resident, having built a house on Lucier Road with Larry Gay, teacher at the college and their two children. She taught solfege there under Blanche Moyse and was part of the founding of the Brattleboro Music School. In the seventies she also played in the Vermont Symphony and its quartet, giving school concerts. In the sixties she helped to form the Eugene Symphony and was its concert mistress. Earlier she taught at Putney School and played in the Kansas City Philharmonic after a year in the National Training Orchestra in NYC. While at Sarah Lawrence College she studied under Dorothy DeLay and Robert Koff from Juilliard. Previously she spent a year in Munich at the Conservatory.

Lynn has lived in Brattleboro for many years. You can view her work on poetlynn.com <http://poetlynn.com>. She has three books of poetry: Visible Signs of Defiance, Talking to the Day and Birds of a Feather.

“Lynn comes to poetry from a working class background. Her verse contains a raw truthfulness uncontaminated by privilege. Lynn’s style compliments that of the state of Vermont: sharp lines, a tough backbone, and an aesthetic the quality of moss.” Meg Mott. Marlboro College

Quiet Please

Can a Quaker Meeting be quiet enough? Putney Friends Meeting has been working towards sound remediation in the Worship space over the past few years. With so many wood surfaces, the sound of voices was very reverberant and it was difficult at times to hear vocal testimony.

This week Brent, Ken, Chris and Roger installed acoustic panels to control the amount of echo. Many thanks to all who contributed to this project.

Race: the Power of an Illusion – The differences between us

Justice and Peace Committee of Putney Friends Meeting presents a Film and Discussion series on Racism

All are welcome to this opportunity to watch the films together, consider the history of P1080847racism, particularly in the USA, consider what white privilege is for those of us who are white, and pursue conversations on race and racism with one another.

Friday evenings from 7 to 8:30 at the Meeting house

Friday, April 22nd – Race: the Power of an Illusion – The differences between us.  Facilitated by Nancy Shepherd

Friday, May 6th– Race: the Power of an Illusion – the story we tell.  Facilitated by Gail Haines

Friday, May 20th – Race: the Power of an Illusion – The house we live in.  Facilitated by Sandy Lynn

Friday, June 3rd – Last Chance for Eden, part 1 – Conversations around race and racism.  Facilitated by Mike Mrowicki

Please join us. For questions contact  the Justice and Peace Committee.

Kay Frazer Memorial

MEMORIAL INFORMATION: There will be a memorial gathering at the Putney Friends Meeting House on Saturday, Feb. 20, at 1 p.m. Donations to the Putney Friends Meeting, in care of Treasurer, Putney, VT 05346.

• Katherine (Kay) R. Frazer, 92, of Saxtons River. Died Jan. 28. Wife of the late Grant Frazer. Mother of Dr. James E. Frazer and his wife, Sharon, of Mishawaka, Ind., and Susan R. Frazer-Stebbins of Saxtons River. Sister of the late Allen Webster. Also survived by five grandchildren and seven great- grand-children. Born in Hazlet, N.J., daughter of the late Angelo M. and Madeline R. (Young) Webster, after her local education, she actively pursued her higher education in medicine and divinity. She graduated from Temple University and Methodist Teaching Hospital in Philadelphia. It was while she was in Philadelphia that she met the love of her life and equal, Grant, and they were married there in 1954. His teaching career brought the family to Saxtons River in 1960, where they would make their permanent home. She would always say how lucky she was to live in the beauty of Vermont. In 1965, seeing a need in the community for seniors and shut-ins to have a social outlet, Kay formed “Club 39.” The Christmas parties she would host for the club were the talk of the town and highly anticipated. Also during the 1960s she worked at the local hospital and for a local physician. She would hear complaints that patients could not be released for the simple reason of monitoring vitals or changing dressings. She proposed to a doctor that “there was no reason a nurse couldn’t go into a home and do these things.” Hence was born the Visiting Nurse Association out of a tiny office in Charlestown, N.H. In retirement, she was instrumental in the founding of Our Place Drop In Center, and volunteered at Parks Place Community Resource. She was a very devoted and active member of Putney Friends Meeting, including herself on committees concerning her Quaker Community as well as the community at large. One of her richest late life friendships was with Hattie Reeves Forsythe. The two of them were inseparable as they traveled the globe in their 70s and 80s. Her most important love was that of her family, that they remain close and looked after each other, and that traditions were continued.

Global Healing Labyrinth Walk

Global Healing Labyrinth Walk:
Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
December 29th  Putney Friends Meetinghouse, 7PM
In the wake of the events in Paris, California, Africa, Georgia (the list can go on and on), please consider joining the Native Elders as they create a Global ceremony to end massacre, and all that massacre means, and to heal our hearts.
“ALL OF HUMANITY suffers multi-lineal, multi-generational trauma and carries a grief so deep, so profound, so massive as to bring us to our knees in awe, overwhelm, shock, and pain buried in denial. We have WOUNDED KNEES!  WE HAVE WOUNDED HEARTS! All peoples have suffered for so very long, indeed our Earth is suffering with us!  The choice in clearly dawning — either grow and heal together or perish if we continue alone.   Please join us by gathering at your local sites of massacre, holocaust, places of human grief and suffering, places of worship, or in your own home to perform ceremony with us.”
The Labyrinth Walk in Putney for Healing Hearts will be held at 7PM 
(If you wish to participate at noon like others around the globe, consider downloading and printing this finger labyrinth:  http://globalhealingresponse.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/2015WoundedKneeFingerLabyrinth.pdf )
This event is being hosted by Sadelle Wiltshire, who is also a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. 
For more information, contact Sadelle at fyddler@gmail.com

Response – Ability

Oh Shenandoah! Photo by Sheila Garrett

Sheila Garrett deconstructed the word responsiblity as part of her following note. Have you ever thought of this word in this way? It opens up possibilities for action in ways that you may not have thought of… both as individuals and as Faith groups.
Sheila is walking from Vermont to Georgia. You can follow her diary on PutneyFriendsMeeting.org; Sheila’s walk to Georgia.
Part of what I struggle with in understanding and explaining my ministry is the universality and inclusivity of it.  One thing became clear in the past few days.  The Doctrine of Discovery, the Papal edicts of the 1400s justifying the subjugation and annihilation of indigenous peoples, was the EXACT same system, the same definition of Christianity that justified/called for slavery of African people.  John Woolman’s writings make that very clear. The exploitation of natural resources and of other species is also justified the same way.  It really is all connected.
When people ask ‘why are you walking?’ I say ‘I’m walking with a concern for the earth and all it’s beings, including you.’  In saying that, I intend to honor John Woolman’s approach.  Woolman was very intentional in making all those connections, perhaps especially the inclusive aspect of concern for the slaveholder as well as the slave.  I think when I can, I need to be able to articulate clearly and concisely what I mean by this. It is what Woolman and others say about ‘taking away the occasion for war.’ It is that BLACK LIVES MATTER as much as any lives matter, more than others right now, because the movement (Black Lives Matter) needs support and because they have been so intentionally and consistently disregarded. This is not to say that other lives don’t matter, too. When I met with the working party on Racism at Stony Brook in Baltimore, people were saying they thought the message should be BLACK LIVES MATTER, TOO.  I think it’s good to hold the line on BLACK LIVES MATTER as a definitive statement of the need for redress. It means for me that no matter how simply I live I will always be privileged and with that privilege comes responsibility, the ABILITY to respond effectively to injustice.  I carry that response ability and I need to use it as best I can.  I need to find ways to effectively express it and live into it so it can resonate with each person I meet.  For me prayer and direct connection to the divine are completely entwined with this.  I cannot do this alone. For some, it is obvious and easy to discuss. For others, ‘God talk’ shuts them down immediately.  Same with talk of social justice. And there are levels that work and don’t work for each of us. I pray for the ability to be sensitive to each person’s needs.  I try to meet each person where she/he is and engage meaningfully to whatever extent possible.
Blessings, Sheila
To read more about Sheila go to Fellowship of Reconciliation 

A FINAL SERVICE Preparation for Death, On Living and Dying

Photo by Roger Vincent Jasaitis, RVJart.com, Copyright 2004


Preparation for Death

On Living and Dying, Putney Friends Meeting

Putney Friends Meeting created this pamphlet in 2010 to assist members in their preparation for death in the manner of Friends. Since that time many requests have been made to make this useful tool available to a wider audience. Here is a link to a PDF file of this pamphlet. Click on the Following link to open a new window displaying the text.

PFM A Final Service

This link will now be available at any time in the right hand column under Books & Pamphlets.

All Community Gathering at PFM


 Each year we end the summer with a gathering to ensure that each committee is ready to begin the new year.  We celebrate the gifts we receive from participation in the committee work of the Meeting.  Friends who may be interested in joining committees can also learn more about our committees and opportunities for participating.

Putney Friends Meeting House,

Friday August 28th at 6:00pm

We will start with a potluck so bring something to share.