I wish I might emphasize how a life becomes simplified when dominated by faithfulness to a few concerns. Too many of us have too many irons in the fire. We get distracted by the intellectual claim to our interest in a thousand and one good things, and before we know it we are pulled and hauled breathlessly along by an over-burdened program of good committees and good undertakings.
I am persuaded that this fevered life of church workers is not wholesome. Undertakings get plastered on from the outside because we can’t turn down a friend…The concern-orientated life is ordered and organized from within. And we learn to say No as well as Yes by attending to the guidance of inner responsibility. Quaker simplicity needs to be expressed not merely in dress and architecture and height of tombstones but also
in the structure of a relatively simplified and coordinated life-program of social responsibilities.

Thomas R Kelly, 1941

Corporate Query:

Do you maintain an appropriate balance among work, service, worship, family, and recreation? Are you ready to rest if God asks it of you?

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Nov 20 Monthly Meeting at 10:30 at rise of unified Meeting

Nov 20 Thanksgiving Potluck following monthly business meeting: Sign-up posted in the Meeting house or available online HERE.

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Early meeting: Sunday: 8:30am in person at the Meetinghouse

Intergenerational singing: 10:00am

Late meeting: Sunday: 10:30am in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom

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Unified meeting: 9:00am & Late meeting:10:30 am

Unified meeting: every third Sunday of the month: 9:00am in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom (in place of Early & Late meetings) Intergenerational singing at 8:30am

Mid week; Thursday: 6:00pm on Zoom

First Day School:

First day school for children program is on the 2nd and 4th Sundays

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Ministry & Counsel: ministry@putneyfriendsmeeting.org

Pastoral Care: care@putneyfriendsmeeting.org

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