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The writings of Fox and many other Friends all point to communion
as central to Quaker Worship. When we have entered into that experience of communion, we realize that we did not create it through our action of worship; all we did was to enter a reality which has always been there from the beginning of time, waiting or just to join it, for “In the beginning was the Word.” Devout souls across history have experienced this reality, this Logos. It is always here with us and beside us, available to us as an invisible stream into which we can step at any time.
-Four Doors to Meeting for Worship- William Tabor (1992)

Corporate Query:

What is our growing edge as a spiritual community? How is the Spirit
moving among us? Where have we found sustenance and nurture? How have we sought to hold up and care for our meeting communities?

 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Upcoming events and news

Saturday: June 3, 7 pm. Meetinghouse song circle.  “Make a joyful noise!”. Bring your voice or acoustic instrument and your copy of “Rise Up Singing” to join us in song.  

Saturday: June 3, 9 am – 3:45 pm Northwest Quarterly Meeting hosted by Northwest Kingdom and Plainfield Meetings. The program: Following our Leadings”.  This is a hybrid Meeting, links will be provided next week. In person at Sterling College, Craftsbury Center Vt. Childcare available with notice.  Contact 

Sunday: June 4 10:30 FDS cooking for Groundworks shelter – Coconut Custard Pie!  Susan would love help from both the children and adults!

Monday: June 5 Groundworks shelter supper – food must be left at the Meeting house by 3:30. Still looking for a vegetarian casserole for 10.

Announcements from the basket

Saturday: June 24 9:00 am – 2:30 pm Opportunity for Extended Worship South Starksboro Friends Meeting. 430 Dan Sargent Road, South Starksboro VT To register and for questions, please contact Michael Wajda ( (484-639-3356) or Jean Rosenberg ( (802-388-6453). 

Saturday: June 24:  Meeting for Listening, The Spiritual Life of our Local Meetings. It will be a full-day, hybrid gathering where Friends can gather in different ways: on-site at Concord (NH) Meeting, in local clusters connected via Zoom, as well as individually via Zoom. Registration is now open. Whether you plan to participate via Zoom or gather with others, you can register for this free-of-charge event at  Visit  for more information.

Morgan Tondrault of the  STS Foundation, Student Exchange is looking for a host family for the upcoming school year  for a non-binary girl, Toni who is from Germany.  If you have any interest please contact her at 800-522-4678 ext316 or

Worship with us

Early meeting: Sunday: 8:30am in person at the Meetinghouse

Intergenerational singing: 10:00am

Late meeting: Sunday: 10:30am in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom

Mid week; Thursday: 6:00pm on Zoom

Childcare is available for:

Late meeting: 10:30 am & Monthly Meeting for Business

Monthly Meeting for business: every third Sunday of the month: 12:00pm in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom

First Day School:

First day school for children program is on the 2nd and 4th Sundays

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17 Bellows Falls Road, Putney, Vermont 05346

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We are a non-profit religious organization as part of The Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

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