If I have a strong conviction, do I hold that conviction with the tenderness that my Quaker faith and practice requires of me, acknowledging that in Meeting for Business or some other situation, a fuller vision of the Truth may emerge?

Am I willing to labor tenderly with those who have a different opinion, recognizing that they also hold the divine, recognizing that while there is only one Truth, we each have different understandings of it? Consider the old story of the blind men encountering an elephant, each having a different understanding based on which part they are touching. Are there aspects of a larger Truth I have not yet recognized?

Bruce Neumann, Presiding Clerk, New England Yearly Meeting, January 2020

May/June Meeting Schedule

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Sundays: 9:30am, online via Zoom.

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  • The Meetinghouse will remain closed until further notice due to the Corona Virus.
  • The Groundworks shelter has extended the schedule through June 15.  We are signed up for June 1 and June 15.