This Month’s Reading:

“For me, faithfulness happens in the space between, where willfulness becomes willingness. May each of us–if we choose–find ourselves more and more in this unknown country, at the limits of our longing. May we find each other there, more fully alive.”

Noah Merrill, Letter to the New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (Quakers)

July/August Meeting Schedule

Meeting for Worship times:

Sundays: 8:30am & 10:30am, Childcare provided at 10:30 

The final day of scheduled First Day School sessions for this academic year is May 20. Child care continues through the summer months. First Day School resumes on September 9, 2018.



July 15: 12:30pm, Called Meeting; Recording Gifts of Vocal Ministry

Potluck at 11:45am preceding the Meeting.


Sat, August 18th, 3pm – 4pm

Memorial Meeting for Worship for Gudrun Weeks, member of Putney Friends Meeting, attender of Brattleboro Worship Group.

3:00pm Memorial Meeting for Worship


August 31: All Committee Evening;

Gather for a potluck at 6:00pm. Worship and committee organization at 7:00pm. All welcome, even if you are not yet on a committee or perhaps would like to be on one.