Instructions and Advices for Online Worship

Online Meeting for Worship

To join the Meeting for Worship email the Clerk for the link:

Time: First Day, Sunday, 10:30am EST

Advices for Participating in Online Worship 

 Enter the meeting in silence as you would for an in-person meeting for worship

  • If you are led to speak, as always, allow some silence after any preceding message 

  = Unmute your device 

  =Mute your device when you are done

  • Host will close Meeting. 
  • Be still and cool in thine own mind and spirit or shut off your video. 

Respect the privacy of the Meeting. Do not share photos or screen shots of attendees.

Tips for using Zoom and Joining a Zoom Meeting 

– Set up Zoom a day in advance of the meeting time. Allow more time if you think you may need assistance. 

Here is a link to learn how to join a meeting:

– Familiarize yourself with the Zoom features you will use during the meeting, such as muting and unmuting, starting and stopping your video, controlling what you see, and the chat feature. 

Here is a link to learn the controls:

-Use only one audio connection per room, ensuring all other microphones and speakers are muted. (For example, you might have more than one person in a room and might be tempted to each use your own device to connect.) 

-Before the Meeting begins  log in at least 15 minutes early. 

Instructions for Setting Up Zoom and Joining a Zoom Meeting 

Download and Install to your Computer or Mobile Device 

-Get the latest software for your device at Download Zoom

-New to Zoom? You can test Zoom here: Test Zoom