Come join us on two Thursday evenings, October 20 and November 10, at 6 p.m. for a short simple potluck followed by sharing on our spiritual journey’s 6:30-8:30 in the worship room.

Quaker minister Bill Taber once observed that our contemporary Quaker communities sometime lack a “shared vocabulary for the inward landscape,” a way to help encourage one another in our journey together as Friends. In response, Putney Friends and their guests are invited to these two evening gatherings “around the fire” for worship and sharing to help us know one another more deeply in that which is eternal. Perhaps we’ll discern some common threads in our individual experiences and in the Quaker tradition upon which we can build our understanding together.

This invitation comes to you from the Ministry Oversight Committee for Noah Baker Merrill, who in tandem with members of the committee will be anchoring these two times for deep reflection on our journeys.

Questions? Contact Noah at 802-451-6931, or email We hope you will consider joining us.

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