A Great Social Activity Coordinated by Fellowship Committee

“Friendly 8’s” are a chance to get to know people from Meeting better through small group dinners of approximately 8 individuals each–hence the name! You can meet at a host’s home, someone else’s home, the meetinghouse, or even a restaurant.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Folks who are interested sign up on the Meetinghouse bulletin board (individually, as a couple, as a family) by the date publicized.
Step 2: Fellowship Committee will organize and publicize the groups, confirming a host for each one.
Step 3: The host for each group confirms the date, location, and who will bring what for that group.
Step 4: Each group has dinner together whenever they decided, folks meet new F/friends, and everyone enjoys an evening of fellowship, expanding their Quaker community circle even further.
Step 5: We do it again a second time, with folks being arranged in different groups to encourage more getting-to-know-each-other.

The details:

A sign-up sheet is now (or will shortly be) posted on the Meetinghouse bulletin board. You can also e-mail your information to Sora Friedman. Please sign up by February 13 for the first round of gatherings. The groups will be posted on the bulletin board and publicized via e-mail later that week. Also, please be sure to note if you are willing to serve as a host; would like to be in a group with kids, without kids, or if you are open to either; and if you or anyone in your family have dietary restrictions that others should know about.

What does the host do?

The host’s responsibilities include finding out when folks in their group are available, confirming the site (their home, someone else’s home, the Meetinghouse, someplace else), and coordinating the menu. It really doesn’t take a long time; it’s just a matter of making a few phone calls. Hosts do NOT provide all the food; they just help coordinate.

Miscellaneous information:

If your group is going to get together at the Meetinghouse, be sure to confirm availability first on the calendar to make sure that it is available. Sign-up sheets for the second round of Friendy 8’s will be posted in later February.

Contact Sora Friedman or anyone on the Fellowship Committee with any questions.

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