Putney Friends Focus on the 2012 World Conference of Friends — June 10

On Sunday, June 10, two members of Putney Friends Meeting will report on their experience this April attending the 2012 World Conference of Friends in Kenya. Noah Baker-Merrill and Rosemary Zimmerman will share photos and stories from the conference, which was the largest worldwide conference of Friends since 1967. The Conference included Quakers from many parts of Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Latin America and North America engaging the theme of “Being Salt and Light: Friends Living the Kingdom of God in a Broken World.”

Noah and Rosemary will start their presentation around noon, after a light potluck at the close of the late morning Meeting for Worship. They will also focus on the concluding statement of the conference, the Kabarak Call For Peace and Eco-Justice.

In addition, at 9:30 am on Sunday the Adult Religious Education committee will host an open discussion in the Fellowship room of the Salt and Light booklet created as a preparation document for the World Conference. This booklet can be downloaded or viewed online at the World Conference of Friends website.

For those who cannot make either of these events on Sunday, you can watch an earlier report by Noah Baker Merrill to Putney Friends Meeting about the conference.

Noah Baker Merrill also led worship on one of the days of the Conference. Click here for the full text of his ministry and click below on the short video clip of the conclusion of Noah’s talk at the conference. To access the texts of other talks and sermons at the Conference, check out this webpage.

Please join us at Putney Friends Meeting this Sunday, June 10, to hear about this inspiring World Conference of Friends!

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