Lucy Duncan On How Quaker Meetings Can Work With AFSC

Click here for a 28 minute audio of AFSC’s Friends Liaison Lucy Duncan explaining some of the opportunities for local Quaker faith-based activism in cooperation with the American Friends Service Committee.

On October 18, 2012 Lucy Duncan, AFSC’s Friends Liaison, and Madeline Schaefer, Friends Relations Fellow, discussed a new and developing program at AFSC—the Quaker Meeting/Church Liaison Program.

The liaison program supports Quaker congregations’ work for peace and justice, while at the same time working to broaden the impact of AFSC’s programs.

On this call, Lucy and Madeline discussed how the program was developed, the components of the program, and how your meeting/church can get involved.

One response to “Lucy Duncan On How Quaker Meetings Can Work With AFSC”

  1. Here is a cool Putney/AFSC connection. Lucy Duncan recently posted on her Facebook page the following blurb about how she is using PFM member Steve Chase’s new book as a way to orient non-Quaker AFSC staff members to the Quaker background of the organization: “The first chapter of Steve Chase’s book Letters to a Fellow Seeker was published in Friends Journal recently. It’s a great book, one I’ve been using to orient new AFSC staff to Quaker faith and practice. Take a look!

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