Toward a Quaker Economic Program

Below is the announcement of the upcoming Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting scheduled for February 3. The program is to be about the growth dilemma and an ecologically integrated economy. Ed Dreby and Margaret Mansfield will be leading the discussion.

Bill Upholt

Hartford Monthly Meeting is happy to be hosting
Connecticut Valley Quarterly Meeting

First Day, February 3rd, 2013

The program for the day will be presented by Ed Dreby and Margaret Mansfield and is entitled,

“It’s the Economy Friends, Toward a Quaker Witness”

We’ll begin by sharing initial impressions of a short video featuring Charles Eisenstein. He views our current economic system as the product of a culture of separation run amok. We’ll then consider together the basic thesis of two new Quaker Institute pamphlets about the growth dilemma and the concept of an ecologically integrated economy, which is akin to what Eisenstein calls “sacred economics.” How might a witness on ecology and the economy become a distinctive Quaker contribution to what Thomas Berry called “the great work” of our time?

Ed Dreby and his wife Margaret Mansfield are both former social studies teachers in Quaker schools and have worked together for many years as authors, editors, and workshop facilitators on Friends testimonies, and economics from an ecological perspective. They are members of Mount Holly, New Jersey Monthly Meeting, and are also active with Friends Committee on National Legislation. Ed is also a leader of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting’s Growth Dilemma Project, and has collaborated with Quaker Institute for the Future on several publications.

Schedule for the Day

10:00 am Meeting for Worship with Hartford Friends

11:00 am Introductions and Announcements

11:15 am Refreshments

11:30 am Program

1:00 pm Luncheon

2:00 pm Quarterly Meeting for business

Hartford Friends Meetinghouse is located at 144 South Quaker Lane, West Hartford, CT 06119. We have a lift for mobility impaired persons, who are also invited to park in the meeting driveway.

For directions, see our website:

If you need childcare, or you have food allergies or need other special assistance, please contact Chris Robinson: or 860-675-5670.

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