Understanding the Torture Report- NEYM

New England Yearly Meeting,

In the wake of the release of the Senate report on U.S. torture, we hope Friends will join Friends Committee on National Legislation in mourning our government’s involvement in torture, calling for justice, and working to grow toward a world without torture.

With gratitude for the faithful work and witness of New England Friends John Calvi of Putney Friends Meeting, John Humphries of Hartford Meeting, and many others over so many years. #TortureReport

When We Became the Evil We Deplore: Understanding the Torture Report
Today is a day for justice, but it must also be one for growth.

One response to “Understanding the Torture Report- NEYM”

  1. May we hold not only the tortured, the afflicted, and the victims of injustice in the Light, but also the torturers, those who inflicted pain and suffering on others, that their souls may find forgiveness, peace, and Light amidst having perpetrated such horror. I pray that the violence and hate on both sides will one day be overcome by Light and Love.

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