Gun Sense, Moving Quickly

VPR-Gunsense-20131021Dear Friends,

We have exciting news about how quickly the House is moving forward on the Gun Violence Prevention Bill. After passing the Senate 20-8 last week, the House Judiciary Committee has already started hearings on S. 141. A floor vote could happen in as soon as two weeks! We were so successful in making our voices heard in the Senate, and we need to take a similar approach in the House, which means polite yet consistent contact urging them to support the bill.

Looking ahead at these next two critical weeks, here are the key steps:

1) RIGHT NOW e-mail your representatives in the House and encourage them to support S. 141 to keep guns out of the wrong hands. (Also, please e-mail Elissa at to let us know that you’ve sent your e-mail.)
I’ve included direct links to your representatives’ e-mail addresses below to make it easy.

2) In the coming days, encourage your friends and neighbors to write personal letters to your representative urging support for the bill. (Click here for additional information about the bill.)

3) Help phone supporters in swing districts to encourage calls to key representatives. (E-mail Elissa to help with calls!)

4) In the final days before the House floor vote, flood the Statehouse Sergeant-at-Arms office with calls in support from across the state.

Your voices were so important in the Senate, and they are going to be just as important on the House side. Please e-mail your representatives now!

Thank you!

Windham 1 Guilford, Vernon MICHAEL “MIKE” HEBERT
Windham 2-1 Brattleboro VALERIE A. STUART
Windham 2-2 Brattleboro MOLLIE S. BURKE
Windham 2-3 Brattleboro TRISTAN TOLENO
Windham 3 Athens, Brookline, Grafton, Rockingham, Westminster, Windham CAROLYN W. PARTRIDGE
Windham 3 Athens, Brookline, Grafton, Rockingham, Westminster, Windham MATTHEW A. TRIEBER
Windham 4 Dummerston, Putney, Westminster DAVID L. DEEN
Windham 4 Dummerston, Putney, Westminster MIKE MROWICKI
Windham 5 Marlboro, Newfane, Townshend EMILY LONG
Windham 6 Halifax, Whitingham, Wilmington ANN MANWARING
Windsor 1 Hartland, West Windsor, Windsor DONNA SWEANEY
Windsor 1 Hartland, West Windsor, Windsor JOHN BARTHOLOMEW
Windsor 2 Cavendish, Weathersfield MARK HUNTLEY
Windsor 3-1 Andover, Baltimore, Chester, Springfield LEIGH J. DAKIN
Windsor 3-2 Springfield ALICE M. EMMONS
Windsor 3-2 Springfield ROBERT “BOB” FORGUITES

What does thee say?

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