Today is the day!

Dear Putney Friends,

Thank you SO much for the work you have done leading up to today’s vote. What a mountain we have climbed together!!

Today at 1pm the House of Representatives will debate S. 141 and then vote. I encourage you to join us at the Statehouse and bear witness. This is huge.

If possible, it’s best to come early so you’re able to take your seats at 12:30 (you can have lunch beforehand in the Statehouse cafeteria if you like). The Gun Owners of VT folks will be trying to turn out in force, so plan to be calm and respectful. Along those lines, if the vote does, in fact, go our way, it’s important not to celebrate outwardly in the chamber (applause, etc.) because we wouldn’t want it to seem like gloating. And anyway, if we’re successful, the most important thing will be to soak it in so that you remember at your core what your hard work can accomplish!

The House Judiciary Committee spent all last week taking testimony on S. 141, and this morning they are poised to vote it out of committee. This means that the bill will go straight to the House Floor for a full House vote as soon as Thursday, so it’s critical to call your reps and voice your support now!

If you aren’t able to make it in person today, call the Sergeant-at-Arms office at the Statehouse at 802-828-2228 or 1-800-322-5616.

It’ll take just minutes to leave a message for your representative encouraging them to support S. 141 to help keep guns out of the wrong hands, but it can make all the difference!

GunsenseVTEven if you know your representative is supportive, call them to say thank you. As we go into the floor vote, it is critical that representatives feel the support that exists for this bill in their district. If you’re not sure who your representative is, click here, and if you want more guidance about what to say when you call, click here.

Today is the day!

Ann Braden

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