Global Healing Labyrinth Walk

Global Healing Labyrinth Walk:
Healing Hearts at Wounded Knee
December 29th  Putney Friends Meetinghouse, 7PM
In the wake of the events in Paris, California, Africa, Georgia (the list can go on and on), please consider joining the Native Elders as they create a Global ceremony to end massacre, and all that massacre means, and to heal our hearts.
“ALL OF HUMANITY suffers multi-lineal, multi-generational trauma and carries a grief so deep, so profound, so massive as to bring us to our knees in awe, overwhelm, shock, and pain buried in denial. We have WOUNDED KNEES!  WE HAVE WOUNDED HEARTS! All peoples have suffered for so very long, indeed our Earth is suffering with us!  The choice in clearly dawning — either grow and heal together or perish if we continue alone.   Please join us by gathering at your local sites of massacre, holocaust, places of human grief and suffering, places of worship, or in your own home to perform ceremony with us.”
The Labyrinth Walk in Putney for Healing Hearts will be held at 7PM 
(If you wish to participate at noon like others around the globe, consider downloading and printing this finger labyrinth: )
This event is being hosted by Sadelle Wiltshire, who is also a Veriditas Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. 
For more information, contact Sadelle at

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