Don’t Forget

Dear Friends,

Are you interested in…

  • a summary of public statements and actions taken in the past year to make more visible the witness of New England Friends
  • news from the staff and committees of New England Yearly Meeting on the work they have done on our behalf in the past year
  • a proposed budget for how we plan to use the resources in our care to support the Quaker movement in New England
  • knowing more about steps New England Friends are considering as we:
    • respond to climate change
    • engage with White Privilege
    • support those persecuted because of sexual or gender identity
    • explore new initiatives for supporting ministry in our local meetings

These subjects and more are addressed in the Advance Documents for the 356th Annual Sessions of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends…

…which are now posted online. 

Download the Advance Documents

Don’t Forget

If you are available and would like to participate in worship, discernment, fellowship and spiritual nurture, we invite you to join Friends from across New England at Annual Sessions in Castleton, Vermont from August 6-11, 2016. Please register today.

Register for Annual Sessions 2016
Volunteering is an essential part of serving our Quaker community. If you’re attending Sessions, please complete the brief survey below.
Sign up to volunteer 

Can I still be involved if I’m not attending?

Yes! If you aren’t able to attend Annual Sessions for whatever reason, please know you are still a vital part of our community of faith and practice. We hope your local meeting will send at least one representative so that your important perspective can be included in the discernment.

During Sessions, news and information will be posted at You can follow events and join the conversation on social media using #NEYM16.

Bible half-hour talks and plenary presentations will be video recorded and shared online as they’re available.

What does thee say?

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