Support Gun Violence Protection bills before the Vermont legislature

“A Public Hearing on three legislative bills on Domestic Violence and Gun Violence Protection” at The Statehouse in Montpelier Tuesday January 30 at 5:30 PM

How you can help if you can’t attend………
You can still send a strong message right from your phone
It’s simple and it’s easy.

Call the Sargeant at Arms at The State House in Montpelier at 802-828-2228
Here is the message YOU want delivered to your State Representative and your State Senators:
“Please support Gun Violence Protection bills before the Vermont legislature: House Bill 422 and Senate Bills: 6 and 221”

Please tell your family members and friends to call the Sargeant at Arms as well. The gun lobby is hoping you and your friends won’t do anything .

You can go for free by bus; FROM Brattleboro or Putney
The location is: Brattleboro Transportation Center The time leaving is: LEAVING at 2:00 PM

RETURNING at 10:00PM (planning a stop at the Putney Inn as well)

We have secured The Ballroom at the Capitol Plaza- Capitol Hotel across from the State House to meet in before the hearing. We will be briefed, have light snacks, and walk over together in groups for the hearing.

Let Elissa know who is coming and would like to take the bus:

What does thee say?

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