Sheldon Weeks Memorial

Sheldon Griswold Weeks was born on 18 November 1931 in Manhattan New York, and died peacefully at home on 4 May 2022 in Brattleboro Vermont at the age of 90.  He was a humanitarian, educator, researcher, author, peace activist, conscientious objector, Quaker, beloved father, grandfather, great grandfather, and husband.  He lived with a passion for world travel, nature, the arts, and was a voracious reader and movie watcher.  He enjoyed hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, camping, going on safari, visiting galleries and museums, attending music events and theater performances, and often had a hat on his head and a camera in his hand. He attended Swarthmore BA ’54, Antioch MA ’60, and Harvard EdD ’68.  He was a professor specializing in comparative education at universities in Uganda (1969-72), Tanzania (1972-74), and Papua New Guinea (1974-91), and was founding dean of graduate studies in Botswana (1991-2002).  He is predeceased by his parents Harold Weeks and Virginia Travell, sister Virginia Weeks, brother Willard Weeks, wives Sally Shoop, Mary Kironde, and Gudrun Schulz.  He is survived by his sister Elinor Weeks, children Sara, Abigail, Harold, Edisa, and Kristina Weeks, two stepchildren, one unofficially adopted child, fourteen grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren.
An extended obituary, that Sheldon wrote about his life, can be found 

DonationsIf you’d like to donate in memory of Sheldon G Weeks you can do so to the “Robert S Cox Special Collections and University Archives Research Center” at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where his work and legacy will be held in the Quaker Archives. 

— Grandchildren

The delicious relationship between grandparents and grandchildren: “The considerable mutual attraction of the very young and the very old may derive something from their common, secret knowledge that it is they, and not the busy generation between, who are concerned with a poetic play that is eternal and truly wise.” — Joseph Campbel

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