A Quaker Congregation in Putney, Vermont ~ Worship, Fellowship, Education, Activist Support

Putney Friends Meeting is a welcoming faith community deeply rooted in the Quaker tradition. As Friends, we believe that everyone has the capacity to both inwardly experience and faithfully respond to God’s love, presence, and guidance. In our experience, there is “that of God in everyone” and we seek to nurture a sense of being joined to this Divine Presence and to one another. As followers of the Spirit, we also encourage each other to foster creative peacemaking in our families and communities–and to work for a more ecologically sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling society.  At the heart of our spiritual community, though, is the regular experience of worshiping together. In our silent, meditative worship, we share the expectation that the Eternal often breaks in and spiritual revelation occurs.

Come Worship with us!

Early meeting, Sunday: 8:30am in person at the Meetinghouse

Intergenerational singing: 10:00am

Late meeting, Sunday: 10:30am in person at the Meetinghouse and on Zoom

Mid week; Thursday: 6:00pm on Zoom

To receive Zoom link: Click Here

Childcare is available for: 

Late meeting:10:30 am 

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