Dear YAF Friends,

14734708055_40a4af8bc9_k1The New England Young Adult Friends (Quaker) Climate Working Group invites

you to join us in a pilgrimage along the route of the proposed

Kinder-Morgan methane pipeline in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

We begin this invitation with confession; that the reality of climate

change is overwhelming and that we do not know exactly how to respond to

the devastating truth that the world is ending on our watch.

Yet there are things that we can say clearly: That we must reduce

atmospheric CO2 levels below 350 ppm immediately and that to do so requires

an immediate phase out of fossil fuel use. Given this reality, the further

expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure makes no sense. Every dollar

invested in energy must be spent building renewable sources, like Cape

Wind, instead of pipelines and power plants for fracked gas.

Therefore, we are called to witness with our own eyes this pipeline route,

to walk its length and to fathom the changes that must be made. We walk

praying for clarity, determination and boldness to take the necessary next

steps. We walk acknowledging that we do not yet possess the inner resources

to live our lives fully into the reality that our scientific understanding

of the climate crisis calls us to. We walk creating a community of climate

dissidents, understanding that we need each other in these challenging

times. We walk bringing public focus to the immorality of perpetuating the

status quo, and to a genuine hope for a different future.

We invite you to join us to bear witness to the power of God in our lives

to make a way out of no way, to move from what is dead and past to what is

alive and new. This is a time for needed renewal and transformation. This

season is one to roll away the stone and to see what new life may move

among us.

The pilgrimage will be a 12-day walk from Pittsfield, Massachusetts along

the 143 mile proposed pipeline route to Dracut, Massachusetts beginning

April 1st. It will be Quaker-led and open to all, with opportunities for

Worship, for meeting local community members working to stop the pipeline,

and for fellowship.

We hope you will consider joining us. To find out more about the route, to

sign up to walk, or to contact us visit

“We dedicate ourselves to let the living waters flow through us – where we

live, regionally, and in wider world fellowship. We dedicate ourselves to

building the peace that passeth all understanding, to the repair of the

world, opening our lives to the Light to guide us in each small step.” –

The Kabarak Call, World Conference of Friends 2012

Dear Friend,

Built on the four core values: Community, Service, Transformation, and the Quaker Way, QVS offers young adults the opportunity to discover their gifts, while helping change the world. It is an experiment at the intersection of transformational spirituality and activism. It is a chance to live your life with compassion and justice, within a community of fellow social change agents, and in conversation with the various expressions of the Quaker Way.P1060533 We are excited to announce that we are recruiting Volunteers for FOUR houses this year (Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR; Philadelphia, PA; and Boston, MA).

QVS Volunteers work full time in professional positions at local nonprofits, schools, and other social justice agencies that offer support to marginalized individuals and communities. For examples of the service site placement possibilities in our current cities

Through simple, communal living, Volunteers learn to care for self and others. Volunteers receive housing, all utilities, health insurance, a transportation and grocery allowance and a small living stipend. Volunteers will be supported by and engage with local Quaker communities. Volunteers are not required to be a Quaker to participate in QVS, but they should come prepared to deeply engage in Quaker worship and practice! , and be genuinely open to sharing their spiritual journey with others.

QVS alumna Becca Bass reflects on her experience with QVS:

“….The beauty of QVS is that it gives you a secure space in which to clarify a sense of your own values and ideals, it helps you c ultivate a vocabulary with which to process them and continue to explore them, and provides you with communities that support and validate the search.”

Do you know a young adult who is looking for this kind of experience?

Applications are due by March 15, 2015.

For more information and to apply, please see:

You can watch a brief video introduction titled QVS: Transforming Service, Living Faith

Rebecca Sullivan

Recruitment Coordinator
Quaker Voluntary Service
610-551-8439 (cell) : 404-624-5299 (voicemail)
750 Glenwood Ave SE or PO Box 17628 Atlanta GA 30316
Watch a video about QVS here

From NEYM’s Webpage:

With joy and anticipation, Permanent Board will bring the name of Noah Baker Merrill to NEYM Annual Sessions in early August for approval as Yearly Meeting secretary, beginning January 1, 2013.

Noah and his wife Natalie are members of Putney (VT) Monthly Meeting, where Noah has been released* for service in the ministry. Noah already has a long history of service, ministry and listening intently to where and what he is being called. Noah has worked for the American Friends Service Committee in Providence, in Philadelphia and in Washington, filling a variety of roles including community organizing, policy advocacy and technology consulting. With Natalie he co-founded and was program director for Direct Aid Iraq, an organization devoted to advocacy and material support for Iraqi refugees.

Noah is a writer, with articles in Friends Journal, Quaker Life, Spirit Rising and other publications. He maintains a web page and blog. And he is a gifted vocal minister, both in unprogrammed worship and in prepared messages. Noah was selected to give the plenary message on behalf of the Section of the Americas at the recent Sixth World Conference of Friends. This fall he’ll be traveling in the ministry supporting Friends World Committee for Consultation’s theme: “Let the Living Waters Flow: Friends Serving God’s Purposes.”

Demonstrating his belief that Quakers hold an untapped power to create positive change, Noah is a founding board member of Quaker Voluntary Service, an organization seeking to orient young adult Friends toward lives committed to service and justice, grounded and sustained by their Quaker faith.

In conversation, Noah displays a remarkable breadth of knowledge including Quaker history and current practice around the world. And he brings a tender sensitivity to the spiritual needs of the individual, the monthly meeting, the quarter, and the Yearly Meeting. He has a remarkable depth of understanding of the issues and the potential of NEYM, and of the role that the Yearly Meeting Secretary plays in these issues.

Most of all, interactions with Noah demonstrate his quiet energy and his sense of connection to the living tradition of Quakerism, past and future, and to the vision that we can make a difference in the world. In Noah’s words: “My small part in this work is encouraging the life of the Spirit among Friends, helping us together … to live more fully into the promise that if we are faithful, we can be made channels of Love’s life-giving work.”

—Bruce Neumann, on behalf of the Yearly Meeting Secretary Search Committee

Search Committee: Deana Chase, James Grumbach, Dwight Lopes, Wendy Schlotterbeck, Jackie Stillwell, Donn Weinholz, Hannah Zwirner and Bruce Neumann, clerk.

*A Released Friend is one whose leading to carry out a particular ministry has met with approval from a Meeting which then promises to provide such support as would enable the Friend to follow that leading. In Noah’s case, he is released to speak, preach, write, lead workshops, and generally nurture the life of the Spirit.

Peterson Tuscano will be appearing in Brattleboro at New England Youth Theater Tuesday, June 26 at 7 PM. He will be preforming his one-person show Transfigurations–Transgressing Gender in the Bible as a fundraiser for the Men’s Program AIDS Project of Southern Vermont. (For ticket information for this daring and caring performance, please call 254-4444.)

In this play, Peterson re-teaches the story of Sodom and Gormorra to find wisdom for today about human sexuality, compassion, and social justice. Drawing on inspiration from interviews with transgender and genderqueer individuals, Peterson weaves their experiences into the stories of transgender and gender-variant people from the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Hilarious and moving, Toscano’s one-person play deepens well-known (and lesser-known) Bible stories as he presents an array of characters with an array of genders.

Peterson Toscano is a Quaker theatrical performance activist using comedy and storytelling to address social justice concerns. He spent 17 years and over $30,000 on three continents attempting to change and suppress his same-sex orientation and gender differences. Since 2003 he has traveled in North America, Europe, and Africa performing in diverse venues and speaking in the media. He writes and perform plays that explore LGBTQ issues, sexism, racism, violence and gender.

Please join Putney Friends Meeting in welcoming Peterson Tuscano to the area!

A Great Young Adult Friends Conference on Ministry, Earthcare, and Social Action Has Been Scheduled for June 15 – 20, 2012 at Pendle Hill.

All Young Adult Friends (ages 18 to 35) in the US and Canada are invited to be part of an intensive six-day conference centered on ministry, earthcare, and nonviolent social action as part of Pendle Hill’s reconceived Young Adult Leadership Development Program (YALD).

For this conference, Pendle Hill is partnering with the Quaker Earthcare Witness and the Clarence and Lilly Pickett Endowment for Quaker Leadership. The result: a powerful spiritual and educational program that will provide guided discernment for Spirit-led witness in the world, joyful fellowship, transformative leadership, and nonviolent social action skill-building. At its core, this conference is about providing the foundational skills and training to inspire revelation – and nonviolent revolution – as we strive to live in Spirit-led relationship with ourselves, our communities, and the earth.

Program Description

The program will include inspirational speakers, workshops and trainings, worship and worship-sharing, fellowship, discernment of gifts and ministry, service, and opportunities to explore the use of nonviolent direct action. The conference will culminate in a series of workshops on discernment of ministry and leadings, and will include a special gathering of Pickett Endowment alumni. All Pickett Endowment alums are welcome to attend the entire conference, but will be especially encouraged to attend the Pickett workshops on Tuesday, June 19 and Wednesday, June 20 to share their own journeys with discerning the call to Spirit-led witness.

Who Can Apply?

Any young adult Friends in the United States and Canada who feel a movement in our generation to create the world we believe is possible, and to live into Right Relationship with the Divine, one another, and the earth. This conference is open and welcoming to young adult Quakers of all backgrounds, experiences, and Friends’ theologies. While we recognize that this gathering is firmly rooted in the unprogrammed Friends’ tradition, we also believe the thematic content to be urgently relevant to all branches of Quakerism and hope all interested young adults will feel that their voices belong at this table.

Why an Application Process?

We are asking interested individuals to apply because we have a limited number of spots available and want to ensure that a wide range of participants from a variety of locations are able to come together to engage this work. We hope to accommodate as many young adults as possible, and appreciate your understanding of our application-based process that may mean that some Friends will not be able to attend.

Please use the form on the YALD webpage page to apply. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, and applicants will be notified within 2-3 weeks of submitting their application. Apply early, as we expect the conference to fill up quickly.

Program Cost

Program fees, which include room and board, is $300. Scholarships will also be available for participants who need support, and interested individuals are asked to consider requesting financial assistance from their monthly/yearly meetings or communities.

Apply now!

Contact Emily Higgs at for more information.

Also, are you an ally to young adults? Would you like to support this important gathering? Please consider a financial gift to allow more young adults to participate. Send donations to Pendle Hill (338 Plush Mill Road, Wallingford PA 19086) with “YALD Financial Assistance” in the memo line. Thank you!

Friday February 10th through Sunday the 12th Young Adult Friends (nursing babies too!) are invited to Snowshoe, Cross Country Ski, Chop Wood, Cook, do a Service Project, and PLAY.

Saratoga Friends Meeting is excited to encourage a gathering of Young Adult Friends to share a nature experience at Camp Little Notch (744 Sly Pond Road Fort Ann NY 12827).

Why at Camp Little Notch you ask? Camp Little Notch exists to “provide opportunities for all people to practice living in harmony with nature, each other, and themselves” as per their mission statement. Saratoga’s beloved attender Jo Lum is on their board.

On a Monthly meeting level there is a concern for and energy to welcome spirit to Quaker experience. Many people who find them selves in the CYF age range are hungry to be together to be active in the world and in their local communities; this is a time to do that. Let’s be present with one another and intentionally spend time with nature, with preparing our meals, searching for how the divine moves each of us, and playing in the snow or mud depending.

Friends are asked to prepare for a camping like experience with wood heated buildings and no running water. Dress warmly and pack accordingly (warm sleeping bags and pads) or ask to borrow anything you need, there’s plenty to share. We’ll need to hike in (if there’s lots of snow it’ll be on snowshoes, pulling gear that isn’t in backpacks on sleds), so if you have snowshoes, toboggans, etc, please bring them. And if you don’t have them, let us know so we can bring enough extras.

If led, please bring a nourishing item for a stone soup. Please make us aware of any food allergies (food will be vegetarian). If you can, plan to also make a donation to the cost of the food.

Rides or Carpooling from Saratoga??? You can take the bus or train to Saratoga and we’ll pick you up!

Please let Rebekah know that you are coming by e-mailing her at so that she can pack enough food!

With great joy,
Saratoga Friends Monthly Meeting