Governor Shumlin Does Not Hear You

More than 24000 Domestic Violence Calls in 2013

Dear Friends,

If you didn’t see the Governor’s comments on the news last night, this clip is worth watching. From WCAX: He says voters sent him a message to act on property taxes and education costs, not gun laws or picking the state dog and vegetable. ‘I just don’t know very many Vermonters who come up to me and say, ‘You know governor, all of my problems are because Vermont’s gun laws aren’t serving us well.’ It’s not something I’m getting; so let’s focus on the things Vermonters asked us to get done.”

The phone number at the Governor’s office is (802) 828-3333. Let’s let Governor Shumlin know that those 12,000 petition signatures we delivered two weeks ago were actual Vermonters asking him to take action on this issue!

And thank you to all of you who stepped up to share yesterday’s fact in support of criminal background checks. Lawmakers are appreciative of your efforts and saying “Please encourage more to write,” — and given the rhetoric used at last night anti-criminal background check rally it’s essential that we keep making our voices heard!

Ann Braden

Today’s Fact of the Day:

In 2013 in Vermont, abuse victims seeking help made 24,000 calls to the state domestic violence crisis hotline — an increase of 138% over the previous two years.

Source: State of Vermont, Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Report, 2014,


On behalf of these families we can’t afford to ignore our domestic violence problem and allow abusers to have easy access to guns. Please share this fact with your lawmakers right now. (Direct links to lawmaker e-mail addresses are below.)

Please drop us a quick e-mail letting us know that you’ve reached out to your lawmakers.

Thank you!

P.S. Here is the VTDigger article about yesterday’s rally at the statehouse against criminal background checks.

P.P.S. Here are the basic steps for sharing the fact of the day with your lawmakers.
1) Highlight the fact of the day, and use the right-click button to copy it.
2) Click on the e-mail address of one of your lawmakers and right-click inside the e-mail body to paste it.
3) Add a personal message from you for your lawmaker.
4) Highlight your full e-mail text before you send it, and right-click to copy it. Then press send.
5) Click on each of your other lawmakers’ e-mail addresses and right-click to paste your e-mail text into the box that pops up. Send each one as you go.
P.P.P.S. Here are direct links to each of the lawmakers’ e-mail addresses. If you’re not sure what district you’re in, you can use the statehouse website to search for your lawmakers based on the town where you live.

Windham District Sen. Rebecca Balint
Windham District Sen. Jeanette White
Windham-1 Rep. Michael Hebert
Windham-2-1 Rep. Valerie Stuart
Windham-2-2 Rep. Mollie Burke
Windham-2-3 Rep. Tristan Toleno
Windham-3 Rep. Carolyn Partridge
Windham-3 Rep. Matthew Trieber
Windham-4 Rep. David Deen
Windham-4 Rep. Michael Mrowicki
Windham-5 Rep. Emily Long
Windham-6 Rep. Ann Manwaring
Windham-Bennington Rep. Laura Sibilia
Windham-Bennington-Windsor Rep. Oliver Olsen
Windsor District Sen. John Campbell
Windsor District Sen. Richard McCormack
Windsor District Sen. Alice Nitka
Windsor-1 Rep. John Bartholomew
Windsor-1 Rep. Donna Sweaney
Windsor-2 Rep. Mark Huntley
Windsor-3-1 Rep. Leigh Dakin
Windsor-3-2 Rep. Alice Emmons
Windsor-3-2 Rep. Robert Forguites
Windsor-4-1 Rep. Teo Zagar
Windsor-4-2 Rep. Kevin Christie
Windsor-4-2 Rep. Gabrielle Lucke
Windsor-5 Rep. Alison Clarkson
Windsor-Orange-1 Rep. Sarah Buxton
Windsor-Orange-2 Rep. Timothy Briglin
Windsor-Orange-2 Rep. James Masland
Windsor-Rutland Rep. Sandy Haas


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